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Consistently rewarding your customers with a “surprise and delight” gift included in their online purchase

e-trial – ecommerce sampling

Connecting online retailers with complimentary and recognised brands

Extended Sampling - ecommerce sampling

How e-trial works

Customer shops online

Product delivered

Parcel opened "surprise and delight"

Retail activation customer acquisition, sales grow

Customer refers, shares, posts, tweets, reviews

Why use us



Provides a solution for customers who are dissatisfied with traditional ways of product sampling which incur duplication, wastage and clutter.


Has evolved using ecommerce delivered sampling as one of the few ways to tactically reach high valued ecommerce audiences.


Uncluttered product sample delivery leads to a 100% open rate.


Matches product sampled with the customer base of the e-tailer.


Influences and engages customer at their most comfortable touch point: HOME


In-home trial rates are at their highest and brands will benefit from the halo effect generated by the e-tailer’s gift to their customer.

Extended Sampling and Promotion

Partnered over 30 National Brands

Extended Sampling - ecommerce sampling

Market Facts

Extended Sampling - ecommerce sampling

Australians and Online shopping catching up with the rest of the world

  • In 2016 Australians spent an estimated $21.6 billion on online retail. This is equivalent to 7.1% of the traditional bricks and mortar sector.
  • This compares to the USA at 8.3% of total retail sales
  • Online sales growing momentum, with some sources forecasting sales will reach 40% of total retail by 2020
  • Mobile is the fastest growing channel at 18% of online sales and tipped to double in the next 12 months
  • Availability, convenience, trust, pricing and delivery options are the key drivers for purchasing online.

Source :- NAB-Online-Retail – Dec 2016

Extended Sampling - ecommerce sampling

Product Sampling Drives Product Purchase

  • 25% of Australians that sampled a product ended up purchasing that product.
  • 68% of Australians would be more likely to purchase a product if they had tried it first.
  • 50% of Australians are able to recall the brand of the sample product they received. A lasting impression…34% who received the sample more than six months ago are able to recall the brand.
  • 85% of Australians would be willing to provide feedback about the product sample if the company of brand requests it.

Source :- Better Connections, Australia Post Survey, Sept 2015


“In-home” trial by an engaged shopper attracts new customers and converts competitive users increasing their positive lifetime value to you.


The Benefits of using e-trial are immense:

  • Invaluable for new product launch
  • Increases brand awareness
  • Creates stronger customer loyalty with increased lifetime value
  • Increases positive Social Media
  • Opportunity to increase product conversion with a retail offer and likelihood of re-purchase
  • Supports total integrated marketing campaign
  • An integral part of the Customer Journey

Contact Details

Who are we?

Launched in Australia 1990
Extended Sampling has over the years enjoyed the position of Australia’s largest targeted sampling company.
Innovation in branded sample bags ,shows, schools and tertiary.
Evolving into specific and targeted sampling to engaged shoppers….ecommerce sampling.


Founder and CEO

Founder of Extended Sampling and Promotion a national targeted sampling company operating in the FMCG market for 25 years. First company to introduce magazine showbag Sampling at Royal Shows. 8 x winner of Sydney Royal Show Gold Medal. Daryl was the CEO/Owner of Target Group Marketing, South Africa Daryl has held Senior Marketing Management roles At Bounty Services, General Foods/Kraft and HJ Heinz.

Company Address

Suite1A, Level 2, 802 Pacific Highway Gordon NSW 2072, Australia
0419 333 315

PO Box 563 St Ives. NSW 2075